Innovate Now is a Business Consultancy firm specialising in Coaching, Training, Innovation and Strategic Growth Action Planning.


Innovate Now connects you to the right people.

We work with a wide range of high-growth and ambitious SMEs, plus local authorities, universities and colleges, local authorities and Government departments. 

Whether it’s strategy and business development, access to funding, training and staff development, research, operational improvement or help with product or service innovation we’ve got you covered.

"Throughout our growth, the mentoring and practical support provided by Innovate Now to British Recycled Plastic has proved its worth time and again. We would heartily recommend them to any start-up that needs its feet on the ground as well as its head in the stars."

Our Services

Consultancy, Coaching and Mentoring

Our consultancy, coaching and mentoring is aimed at facilitating positive change whether it is in performance, development of particular skills, organisational change or a broader sense of personal growth.

Strategic Planning

Our integrated strategic planning methods link the six key business feasibility areas to focus on connecting strategic thinking and planning at executive level with departmental strategies and multi-functional implementation.

Access to Finance

Our team are all experienced in writing bids, putting in funding applications and raising finance. They will know where to go and who to speak to, and will have all the information about the latest schemes and grants both locally and nationally.

Research & Development

The challenge of innovation plays a key role in the growth of a modern, knowledge-based economy. Whether it is about inventing new products, carrying out ground-breaking research or developing new or improving industrial processes, the future of your business depends heavily on the quality and sustainability of your investments in innovation.

Market Research

Market research is an essential part of any business that wants to offer products or services that are consumer focused and targeted to the market area with the highest potential. Business decisions based on sector insight, accurate intelligence and thorough market research can minimise risk and pay huge dividends.

Operational Improvement

Our team have experience of running businesses in a wide range of sectors and roles and many still have a variety of roles as Exec and Non-Exec Directors and are able to step in at a moments notice to plug gaps and run any of the key functions of your business, either on a temporary, interim or on a more permanent basis.

Any Questions?

Drop us a line anytime and we’d be happy to help assist your business.

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