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sushisushiExtract from a press release by Enterprising Barnsley showcasing exemplar work carried out under their “Coaching for High Growth” Programme.

Barnsley could soon be as famous for its sushi as its chops thanks to a fast growing company. The town is home to online retail firm Sushi Sushi which sells a vast range of Japanese food and related products direct to the public and has attracted customers from all over the world, including Japan! Now the firm, set up by Stuart Turner, has received help from business support organisation Enterprising Barnsley to target the food trade and is vying for lucrative contracts overseas

Stuart, 31, of Gawber, studied web design at university and it was there he first developed an interest in Japanese food and culture inspired by a Japanese housemate. Then later, while travelling, he worked in a sushi bar in Australia. On his return to Barnsley, Stuart felt that sushi was either expensive or of poor quality in the UK and decided to launch a website where people could buy everything they needed to make their own, apart from fresh foods. The list of products has developed rapidly since the launch in 2007 and includes cookware plus authentic tableware imported from Japan. Most popular are sushi-making kits which Stuart and his team put together. Stuart said: “Sushi is the fastest growing food in the UK, growing 20 per cent year on year, and we’re growing faster than that. It’s healthy food but nothing is lost on taste. “Later this year, we’re re-launching our retail website to offer 2,000 products which will mean we have the largest range of any online Japanese food retailer in Europe. We’re really popular in Spain and Italy and have even had an order for a silicon rolling mat from Japan!

“A second major development is the launch of our new website aimed at trade customers. We’ve found a niche in catering for companies looking to add sushi as an extra line rather than as their main focus. We’ve already supplied a machine which warms sake to a Greek cruise ship and we’ve had interest from companies in the United States and United Arab Emirates to provide equipment such as sushi-making machines.” Innovation specialist Mike Kilroy from Innovate Now Ltd has been working with Stuart to develop a strategy for future growth. Mike said: “By using our innovative strategic visioning techniques, Stuart has been able to look at all aspects of his business and bring together the different elements to create an integrated offer of authentic ingredients, machinery, training and consultancy to larger customers at home and abroad.” It is anticipated that the company’s existing staff will double in the medium-term. Last year Stuart opened Barnsley’s first oriental food shop – called Barnsley Oriental Supplies – from his base at Longfields Court, Carlton, selling everything on the website plus Thai and Chinese products.

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