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Oceans ESU

oceansesuinnovate now was introduced to Oceans ESU by Steve Hawkins of Enterprising Barnsley with the brief that the company directors wanted to explore ways of generating more awareness and opportunities for the business.

Barnsley Company, Oceans ESU, are world leaders in innovative waste water treatment technologies from single domestic sewage treatment to the world’s largest reed bed water filtration system a 2000 acre site in the Sudan Africa. Managing Director Lucian Gill said: “The scale of what we do and our emphasis on dealing with complex chemicals and reusable applications is unique in the world.”

Oceans ESU also offer other kinds of remediation work to some large customers within the UK including Sainsbury’s and ASDA and wanted to explore ways of generating more awareness and opportunities for the business within this lucrative area. The management team felt the lack of a strategic business /marketing development plan was preventing them from moving forward.

Innovate Now’s Mike Kilroy was brought in and used innovative techniques to help the company redefine its key offer, identity and develop a marketing strategy. Senior consultant Robert Large said: “We’re looking at reaching new markets, especially in the UK, and Eastern Europe, Mike is helping us to make the most of opportunities that are out there. Due to this support, growth is being boosted and the company expects that profits should increase this financial year by 73 per cent”. Mike introduced Innovate Now’s marketing specialist Kerry Wicklow who undertook a review of the way the company presented itself to the market and in consequence the business has undergone a branding transformation along with the development of a new website,launched to coincide with a brand launch at Sustainability Live 2012. Mike has kept in touch with the management team at Oceans ESU and is currently investigating the potential of showcasing their reed bed technology at the new the Think Low Carbon Centre in Barnsley.

Increased confidence and clarity of direction
Ability to break into new markets in the UK and overseas
The creation of a strategic business and market development plan
Company re-branding
New website conceptualisation
Support to prepare for exhibiting at the Sustainability Live 2012
Substantial uplift in profits
4 Jobs Created

Project Description

Mission: Business Coaching, Strategic Vision and Marketing Development

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