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Innovate Sales™

One day ‘Sales Boot Camp’

Have you ever wondered what the secrets are to a successful sale? We have designed our Innovate Sales programme to introduce you to the sales process and personal selling, with a one-day boot camp, to help you discover a wealth of sales techniques.

Who would benefit from our programme?

If you are involved in sales, leading the sales team or client facing then this programme will equip you with additional techniques and the confidence to improve your end results and relationships. It is ideal for those looking to build their confidence when liaising with clients, Managers seeking improvements in the sales pipeline and operational effectiveness, HR personnel involved in employment/training of sales personnel or those looking to refresh their skills.

‘Innovate Sales’ is designed to provide you with the tools to develop your own and your employees personal effective ethical selling techniques.

What to expect on the day?

  • It’s a one-day ‘boot camp’ where one of our sales experts will introduce you to models, theories and opportunities for sales, and you will be able to explore your attitude and approach towards selling and share these with other participants.
  • This programme uses a mixture of ‘action’ and ‘reflective’ learning, so following the course, you will be encouraged to try the techniques and reflect on their success.
  • The day doesn’t need to end there, as we can continue to support you with 3 Skype sessions (1 – 2 hours) over three months at an additional fixed fee.  (If you come with a work colleague, then this coaching is usually delivered as block/company sessions rather than on an individual basis).

It’s all too easy to leave a course and then go back to old ways and not have the time or motivation to instigate your new ideas, so let us support you during this journey once you are back in the office.

What will you come away with?

By the end of the day you will:

  • Understand the sales process: setting the stage with an opening psychological contract
  • Improve the sales conversation through the use of active listening and questioning
  • Identify and resolve customer pain
  • Understand the difference between; features, advantages and benefits and be confident in negotiation and conversational closing.
  • Personally, you will gain more confidence through practising and developing your personalised sales process, based on recognised successful selling behaviours.
  • Be able to evaluate the techniques of ‘sales professionals’, giving you confidence to employ suitable individuals to represent your organisation.
  • Become familiar with a range of influencing techniques including conversational selling, relationship selling and rapport building.

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