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Innovate Leadership™

Innovate Leadership™ is a leadership and management training programme; accredited by Edinburgh Napier University. It supports the practical application of the latest ideas in:

  • Motivation- how does motivation theory improve your business- what’s the alternative to cash?
  • Management- Re-thinking management- where do managers go wrong?  Tools for analysing your business.
  • Leadership- What is the difference between managers and leaders? Why is this relevant? Understanding Leadership ‘styles,  models and philosophies’ and the implications for your business.
  • Influencing- How to improve your powers of persuasion. You will know the principles of persuasion including alpha and omega persuasion processes.
  • Innovation- Innovation is a repeatable process. Quite simply, how to innovate and improve your unique selling proposition.
  • Strategy- how to use positive psychology in developing your business strategy.


This course is taught over six individual days over six months. There is 200 hours of learning allocated and this will require independent practice and reflection on your business.  You will be expected to undertake two written business assignments and one 15 minute group presentation in month 6.  There are no formal exams! Course material including course book will be supplied.


As this course is formally accredited by Edinburgh Napier University, we have agreed formal and approved ‘learning outcomes’ ( Los).

LO1 – Perform a critical analysis of their businesses or business unit.

LO2 – Critically reflect on a number of core motivational theories and concepts and how they apply within the workplace.

LO3 – Understand and discuss the ambiguities between the roles of; managers, leaders, groups and teams within the work environment.

LO4 –  Critically evaluate a number of current leadership/followership theories and how these supports improved levels of ‘authenticity’  and employee engagement.

LO5 – Comprehend a number of persuasion techniques and tools and be able to apply these in a variety inter-personal situations.

LO6 – Illustrate development of your cognitive and transferable skills through reflective learning.

LO7 – Demonstrate presentational confidence.

This course is ‘practical’ however it has the addition of an academic certificate ( officially.  Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework (SCQF) at Level 9, 20 credits)

Entry requirements

You must be in (or have held) a senior business position and be able to influence your business unit or be on a company management training programme.  Alternatively you may be new to business management; however you will be required to demonstrate that you are in a position to deliver practical outcomes to your organisation.

You must demonstrate a capability to be determined and to think critically.  You do not need formal qualifications however a CV or letter from employer will be required as evidence of practical capability.

For further details email colin@innovatenowltd.co.uk  or give us a call at 01484 506312

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