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Innovate Innovation™

Innovation is the lifeblood of most successful organisations. An organisation that is not continually innovating will wither. In the Innovate Innovation™ programme you will learn that Innovation is a repeatable process and how to transform your thinking into innovative thinking.


This is an intensive one day workshop. The first part of the day looks at the process of thinking, how entrepreneurs’ think.  We explain traditional thinking and entrepreneurial thinking and how the combination can enhance your business practice. The second part of the day looks at innovation within your organisation and how you can make innovation repeatable.  You will have a follow up meeting with a business mentor to support the implementation of the plan you devise from the programme.


 You will understand the meaning of ‘effectuation’ a new way of thinking and consider how it can be applied to your organisation.

You will understand the process of innovation and be able to introduce it into your organisation.

Who should go on this programme?

This is designed for any business ‘mover and shaker’ who wants to refresh their thinking and have practical outcomes for their business or business unit.

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