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Innovate Communication

For a business to grow effectively, it needs effective communication.

Our experience suggests that in many companies communication can be improved.  No matter how good you think you are, the message isn’t always being received, and when it is received it’s not heard how we intended it to be delivered.  Sometimes, actually, quite often, we hear about employees ‘not listening’ or leaders who are ‘too busy’ to communicate.  However, our communication courses do not apportion blame; instead we focus on ‘effective communication’ methods. We consider how you can think about communication and provide practical solutions for improving communication with all of your stakeholders, whether they are; fellow employees, volunteers, Board members, team managers or members or other internal/external stakeholders.

We have two half-day communication courses available. Both are stand-alone sessions, but are also complimentary.

Communication 1-2-Many © involves defining what you mean by communication; we examine ways of thinking about effective communication and ask you to consider its process.  It deals with communication at the team/group and organisational levels. We provide practical business communication plans as part of the output.

Communication 1-2-1 © looks at effective inter-personal communication at the ‘one-to-one’ level. We suggest highly effective and tailored techniques that will improve your inter-personal skills and enhances your understanding of how to give (and receive) messages effectively.


Both half-day courses, Communication 1-2-Many© and ‘Communication 1-2-1’© use the same approach.  This incorporates:

  • A non-prescriptive perspective, underpinned by research, theory and experience.
  • The introduction of innovative and practical ideas
  • Collaborative interactive workshops where you will devise a mixture of personal and organisational action plans



By the end of course Communication 1-2-Many © you will:

  • Know about perceptions  and how people receive communication and you will be able to match your style accordingly
  • Understand the barriers to communication
  • Have prioritised your communication needs
  • Have learned about the different organisational levels of communication
  • Have identified the needs of your differing organisational levels and devised practical actions to address

By the end of course Communication 1-2-1 © you will:

  • Know how to enhance your inter-personal communication skills
  • Know how to communicate employee ’ behavioural corrections’ with minimal upset
  • Have learned ways to support people helping themselves
  • Be able to practice effective communication through effective listening and questioning

Who should go on this course?

These courses are ideal for companies (or individuals/groups) looking to experience improved communications.  While some thought and discussion is given to external communication, it primarily focusses on techniques around internal communications. The embedded learning and action on both of these courses is highly effective for both individuals and for teams.

The Communication 1-2-Many © course focuses on improving communication delivery at all organisational levels. OurCommunication 1-2-1© course focusses on inter-personal skills for effective communication.

Both courses are complimentary and bring positive outcomes for individuals and the company they work for. Individuals will highly benefit as they will be able to take the learning and action plans back into the workplace. As well, if a company sends a group or team onto a course (please ask for the team/company rate) you will benefit from specific team/group action plans.

What should I do next?

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