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Strategic Planning

innovate now use the unique OPTIMA diagnostic system to create a strategic vision that can be used to build an integrated strategic business plan that results in profits, growth, and a well-defined direction for the entire organization.

Our integrated strategic planning methods link the six key business feasibility areas to focus on connecting strategic thinking and planning at executive level with departmental strategies and multi-functional implementation. Our main areas of strategic work are in the fields of business transformation, innovation, product and service development, market research, regeneration projects and economic development, our capabilities are often deployed on original or contentious development projects, where innovative techniques and solutions are required.

We provide our clients with a good understanding of where they are going, how they are going to get there and achieve their goals. Our strategic planning techniques help our customers to develop a clear direction and respond to change, enabling them to become more effective at meeting the needs of their customers, funders and other stakeholders. We:

  • Introduce and expand strategic planning in our clients company
  • Improve the integration of business strategies throughout the organization
  • Increase efficiency by using a pragmatic strategic planning process
  • Effectively lead strategic implementation
  • Introduce strategic planning and innovation as an on-going process, not as a one-time event
  • Help clients understanding of the influence of culture and values that may exist within their organisation

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