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Research & Development

The challenge of innovation plays a key role in the growth of a modern, knowledge-based economy. Whether it is about inventing new products, carrying out ground-breaking research or developing new or improving industrial processes, the future of your business depends heavily on the quality and sustainability of your investments in innovation.

innovate now can make a measurable contribution to the growth of your business. Our goal is to help you take advantage of existing tools to boost your ability to stay ahead in a globally competitive market by:

  • Improving your financial performance
  • Identifying appropriate funding
  • Enhancing your innovative projects
  • Saving you time and resources

We are highly specialised in the R&D Tax Credit scheme and R&D grant applications in the UK.  Our service is based on a process comprising both financial and technical expertise. We have an experienced network of highly professionals, who work hard to help you maximise your R&D investment capability and accelerate your product to market.

We initially assess the eligibility of your projects. From that basis, we work with you in all your R&D funding grant or tax credit claims.

 tax credits

R&D is not just about white coats, test tubes and ground-breaking research. It can include a much broader range of activities such as the development and improvement of industrial processes and materials necessary for companies to remain competitive in their field.
Innovate Now is an essential partner for your R&D Tax Relief claim. Our objective is to identify all your innovative projects with clarity, efficiency and precision, allowing you to optimise your R&D Tax Credit claim.

innovate now can:

  • Identify your eligible R&D projects, past, present and future
  • Determine the expenditure incurred on your qualifying activities
  • Optimise the amount of your R&D Tax Credit claim
  • Draft the supporting documentation (financial and technical reports)
  • Provide support in defending your claim in the event of an audit by HMRC

We follow a comprehensive 6 step service process when claiming the R&D Tax Credit on behalf of our clients.

Our 6 step process:

  1. Assessment meeting
  2. Collection of Information
  3. Collation and audit
  4. Reports and recommendations
  5. File the claim
  6. Support and follow up

r&d grants

The UK has taken significant steps towards increasing the quantity and quality of Research and Development over the last decade. A number of programmes both at national and European level have been implemented for promoting investment in R&D with the aim of increasing R&D expenditure and sustaining the UK’s competitiveness.

Many funding grants are available for UK businesses at both national and European level. On a national level the Technology Strategy Board has been designated the main public body for R&D funding in the UK. At European level there are funding grants available for UK businesses such as  FP7, Eureka’s Eurostar programme, and CIP.

innovate now has years of experience in grant applications at a national and European level. Our knowledge and experience gives us exceptional insight into what public funding organisations are looking for. We understand the expectations sought and how proposals should be developed and written. We will work closely with you to help strengthen your R&D funding case.

Our R&D Consultants will:

  • Assess the relevance of your project
  • Identify the most appropriate funding programme
  • Arrange first contact with the potential funding body
  • Co-write your funding application
  • Support you through our networks to optimise your funding opportunities
  • Provide follow up support as required

Our mission is to help smooth the application process, dramatically reduce the administrative burden, increase your chances of a successful application and maximise the amount of your funding award.


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