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Consultancy, coaching and mentoring

innovate now’s consultancy, coaching and mentoring is aimed at facilitating positive change whether it is in performance, development of particular skills, organisational change or a broader sense of personal growth.  Our Associates aim to inspire you, bring innovation to your business and how you do things and then give you the tools to implement any changes successfully.

We look to form powerful, collaborative relationships between our Associates and business owners and managers, and during the process work together to gain clarity on specific issues, create goals and action plans, and attain extraordinary business and personal results.  Ideally we will match you with an Associate who has first-hand knowledge of your business or sector, and they will help you work through whatever issues you are facing.  In most cases they’ll have been through it themselves!

In addition, they will have access to a number of local and national schemes designed to get you the support and funding you need to make things happen, and can utilise in-house expertise in areas such as:

Other areas that your Associate might work on with you are:

Strategic Planning

Innovate Now use the unique OPTIMA diagnostic system to create a strategic vision that can be used to build an integrated strategic business plan that results in profits, growth, and a well-defined direction….  Read more….

Access to Finance

Our team are all experienced in writing bids, putting in funding applications and raising finance. They will know where to go and who to speak to, and will have all the information about the latest schemes and grants both locally and nationally, such as the Regional Growth Fund, the Yorkshire Innovation Fund, Calderdale Business Boost, Smart Awards and the Leadership and Management Fund.

Currently in our region, the main source of funding is the Skills Service, which will fund a package of skills development, mentoring and training from an approved training provider such as innovate now.  To check your eligibility and find out more, read our recent post.

International Trade

We help business of all sizes around the world and so far our team have used their own experiences of international trade to help our clients enter new markets in over 21 countries.  We can help you research and identify potential markets and opportunities, help you make the right connections, identify potential support and funding, and mentor you through the process.

A number of our Associates have specific international trade and export experience, in particular, our MD, Mike Kilroy, who as Corporate Development Director for Europe’s largest hardwood timber importing and processing company, investigated opportunities for new income streams, innovative products and manufacturing capabilities in China, USA, The Baltic States, Western Europe, Scandinavia and Indonesia.

Project Management

Project Management outsourcing is a refreshing approach to providing clients with access to professional project management expertise, whilst being able to retain their internal capability at its current level……  Read more….

Research & Development

The challenge of innovation plays a key role in the growth of a modern, knowledge-based economies. Whether it is about inventing new products, carrying out ground-breaking research or….  Read more….

Market Research

Market research is an essential part of any business that wants to offer products or services that are consumer focused and targeted to the market area with the highest potential…..  Read more….

Intellectual Property Audit

In today’s world, one of the biggest assets of any company is it’s intellectual property, particularly if you plan to sell or raise finance.  We can help you identify your key IP, look at the value and risks to your business, and advise you on how to protect it.

Operational Management

Our team have experience of running businesses in a wide range of sectors and roles and many still have a variety of roles as Exec and Non-Exec Directors and are able to step in at a moments notice to plug gaps and run any of the key functions of your business, either on a temporary, interim or on a more permanent basis.

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