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innovate connect

Websites, digital marketing and social media

You may choose for your innovate now Associate to work with you on developing a marketing, web and social media strategy, and our digital agency, innovate connect can help you implement this.

innovate connect is a new type of agency created and run by cloud and business specialist Matt Holmes (who has experience of helping the Government set up online initiatives, founding and running his own multi-national cloud software company, and has been involved in creating industry standards and regulatory bodies).

Our USP is that, unlike traditional web design agencies, we focus on creating a web presence that works for you and achieves your marketing goals and we use our extensive business, strategy and web experience to do this for you.  We aim to give you an effective and usable business tool rather something that looks fantastic but doesn’t necessarily do what you need it to do.  Because of this, we only build WordPress sites and only use existing professionally-created WordPress themes that can be customised to your needs.  If we need any bespoke design work, we outsource it rather than do it in house.

We aim to:

  • work with you to enhance your business and get the results you want
  • create a website that works as part of your marketing strategy and does what you need it to do, whether that’s creating a brand, telling people what you do, reaching the right markets, giving people information, selling and e-commerce.
  • help you create a social media strategy that works with your website to implement your marketing strategy, and is realistic and achievable and meets your needs.
  • make sure anything we create for you fits your needs and how you work
  • give you ownership of your site so that you don’t have to keep coming back to us every time you need something changing or updating
  • train you up so that you manage and maintain everything yourself
  • make sure that your website is regularly updated and backed-up
  • help you access funding that will cover at least some of the costs of any work that we do for you.

For further information, talk to you innovate now Associate or contact us for a coffee and a chat.

Contact us now

Phone 01484 506312 or e-mail info@innovatenowltd.co.uk