Innovate Now have been successfully using existing Strategic Visioning Tools for several years and they’ve worked very well on many projects.  They’ve used their experience to produce a process which employs a new take on SWOT, called WISER.

WISER enables businesses to identify their strengths and weaknesses whilst also considering their internal as well as external environments and provides a detailed action plan that can be implemented immediately.  Innovate Now have trialled this programme with 4 Companies of varied backgrounds – Noreen White, business manager at Skylight Circus Arts said:

“This was the most useful retreat (strategic visioning day) we have had at Skylight”.   

The information gathered on the day is then dropped into a Strategic Plan template which is then made available to the business for continued evaluation.

This Strategic Visioning Tool has been developed by Managing Director of Innovate Now’s Mike Kilroy and one of their team of associates, Matt Holmes.  Mike has over 20 years experience running his own businesses of which the last 10 he’s been providing Management and Leadership advice.   Matt is a specialist in strategic thinking and business development coaching.

Together, they’ve produced an approach that’s more interactive, easily understood and engaging with staff from all levels of a business which is great for communication and team-building. Not only does WISER identify issues with the company but leads into a task driven delivery process to address these issues.

Going forward, the WISER Strategic Visioning Tool will form one of our most widely used business support methodologies that will help Companies to focus on positive and considered future planning.

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