Fully Funded Workshops

Innovate Now, working in partnership with Manchester Growth Hub, are pleased to announce their fully funded 'Growth through Innovation' workshops. 

These workshops are fully funded by Manchester Growth Hub and available to all businesses within Greater Manchester that employ 5 or more people and are looking to expand their business.

This highly interactive 2-day programme has been designed to help you improve productivity, performance and profitability throughout your business.

Create the Strategic Vision

Using our 3 Innovative steps
Understanding the Current Position
Envisioning the Future
Strategic Action Plan Development

This approach can be used on an ongoing basis to create growth strategies and long-term approaches to achieve your business goals and objectives.

Use our strategic action planning template to create a bespoke strategy for your business.

Optimise your Profits
  • Learn the 5 tactics that will improve your bottom line
  • Optimise your Business Performance
  • Improve Cashflow by avoiding Gross Profit Drift
Innovate your Product and Service
Learn the techniques that will;
  • Enable you to continually improve your products and services
  • Accelerate your Businesses Innovation Potential
  • Expand your existing and new Market Penetration

1 to 1 Business Coaching

These workshops will be followed up with two half-day coaching sessions at your business premises to implement the key learning outcomes in your business.

The next fully funded workshops take place on the 25th and 26th of October 2016 at the Saddleworth Hotel, Delph.

Refreshments and Lunch will be provided.

For more information or to book your place please e-mail admin@innovatenowltd.co.uk

Please note, there is a maximum of two attendees per company
Innovate Now in partnership with Manchester Business Growth Hub. 
Part of the Executive Development Programme

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