Matt Holmes

I am experienced in leadership as both a managing director and company director, and board/committee member, and have a track record in project management and business and software development. As a creative right brain thinker I have excellent problem solving skills and the ability to quickly see and understand the bigger picture. I have a good working knowledge of all roles within a company including company structure, finance, management, and recruitment.

I am a people person and excellent networker. I communicate equally well with technical and non-technical teams and can speak the language of both. I am particularly well-known for explaining technology and software to ‘normal’ people in everyday terms and for making sure that ‘techies’ understand what users want and need from their software. I am known for my entertaining seminars and presentations, for example as continuing professional development for accountants in the ACCA, and I enjoy finding humorous ways to make a potentially boring subject more interesting and memorable.

As well as working closely with technical teams, in all my roles I have worked closely with sales and marketing teams and I’m not afraid to muck in and generate leads, meet clients and do presentation and demonstrations.

Problem Solving,  Project Planning, System Design
E-commerce, Strategy, Marketing

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